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Review of Stargate Universes - Musings & Ravings
Review of Stargate Universes
I've seen it before. I dub this series "Battlestar Voyager"

It has none of the joy or fun of Stargate. I have no reason to care about any of these characters or their situation - in fact they generally make me want to space them all.

If it follows the Battlestar formula it's going to be several seasons of finding out how shitty human beings can be to each other when the situation gets tough. Maybe we should call it Stargate Survivor or Jerry Springer Universes.

Is this what "reality TV" has done to us? Is the audience now just a bunch of schadenfreude hungry voyeurs? Where we used to take time to escape into hopeful fantasies, now we escape into worlds where a bunch of people we can't care about have it worse?
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buteo_flight From: buteo_flight Date: October 5th, 2009 12:25 am (UTC) (Link)
and again a reason I don't have a TV hooked up to anything other then a VCR & DVD player (but as you know some of that stuff does make in onto dvd's and into my house. Hope you are feeling better.
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