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Why you should steal an education - Musings & Ravings
Why you should steal an education
I just read a post somewhere about some mother sending her kids to suburban schools by using her mother's address. The poster considered this 'theft' because suburbanites pay more taxes so they can have good schools.

Well, I'm not having it. Our educational system is broken and I fervently support stealing an education. As I thought about it, though, I realized we all need to steal an education.

Our educational system is geared toward getting a piece of paper. That paper is a gold ticket to middle and upper classes. Without it, you miss out on the best jobs. The way the system is set up it makes it *appear* that any education short of that piece of paper is without value.

That's not correct.

To be physically competitive in the natural world, we all need food, air, water and shelter like any animal. To be ECONOMICALLY competitive we also need health care and education. Take away any of those 6 things and we lose our ability to compete.

But there is much more to education than a piece of paper. Our entire economic, political and legal system is built on a vast array of unintuitive principles, ideas and laws. If you are unaware of these rules and mechanisms you are at a disadvantage. You have to hire experts for everything you need because you don't know how they work and you have no real idea if you are getting good service and we can't afford these experts.

Recent nobel-prize winning work in economics has proven that, without knowledgeable consumers our economics system starts to fail. So why aren't they teaching everyone what they need to know? Because too many people prefer the short term gains of unequal bargaining to the long term gains of an equal economic playing field.

So I encourage all of you. Sneak into some business courses. Sneak into some law classes. Sneak into some math classes. There are things you learn in the classroom you just can't get in a book. Some things are best passed from person to person. You won't get the credit or the ticket, but you will be armed with knowledge that they don't want you to have.
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daemonaquila From: daemonaquila Date: June 6th, 2008 09:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Steal This Book... updated.

The fact that people are having to use relatives' addresses to get their kids into a decent school, and moreover that other people are getting their undies in a bunch over it, is a sure sign that things are going very, very poorly indeed for our country. The twin spectres of entitlement and greed are taking over in the ranks of the have-mores, over the have-somes. Whether it's someone saying "How dare he take MY job?" or a corporation saying "How dare they take my players' names and stats to play fantasy baseball?" it spells a sick society.
caliantrias From: caliantrias Date: June 6th, 2008 09:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Steal This Book... updated."

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